1925 Massey Music Hall program for ‘The Gypsy Rover’ Toronto Canada

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Interesting program packed with advertising showing life in Toronto during the Jazz Age.

                       MASSEY MUSIC HALL
                          The GYPSY ROVER
Under the personal direction of Mr. E.A. Henderson
Four evenings: November 6,7,8,9 1925
Summary of play, musical numbers,  and performers.

Packed with advertising, some illustrated, that gives a nice snapshot of the times:

  • Northway and Sons “fashionable frocks”
  • Heintzman pianos
  • Herman furs
  • Rogers Coal
  • Jeane Duncan Yarn Shop
  • ‘Gutta Percha’ tires, footwear
  • Lee-Powell used cars
  • The Prince George Hotel
  • Driscoll’s Cartage
  • Oakland Dairy
  • Kola de Luxe, Bruyère pipes
  • King Edward Hotel Supper Dances
  • Titchener Smith, Social and Theatrical Dancing
  • Planters Pennant Salted Peanuts
  • Gendron Mfg. Co., Makers of Useful Playthings
  • Eveready

One interesting page about a cure for cancer from Dr. F.W. Forbes Ross in England,  “The Cantassium Treatment”…”cancer is a Blood Disease Caused by Potassium Deficiency”.

Front cover detached, back cover partially. Crease, folds on covers.

42 pages

23 x 15.50 cm   // 9” x 6”


The idea of Massey Music Hall began with Hart Massey, who wanted to build a music hall in order to fill the need for a secular meeting place where people from Toronto and area could meet and enjoy choral music not of a religious theme. Massey also wanted to construct the building in memory of his son Charles, who loved music. Massey also did not want the music hall to make large profits. He wanted both rich and poor to attend events. Ideally, once all expenses were paid, Massey wanted tickets for a season of lectures to sell for $1.

The building was designed with a neoclassical facade, and features moorish arches that span the width of the interior hall. This interior was inspired by the Alhambra Palace in Spain as well as Louis Sullivan's Chicago Auditorium. The exterior neoclassical facade was a preference voiced from Lillian, Hart Massey's daughter. Designed by architect Sidney Badgley, Massey Hall was completed in 1894