1922 Recipe booklet H-O Cereal Company Buffalo N.Y

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Recipe booklet featuring H-O products for all phases of everyday life.

The H-O Child Nutrition Department
For Growing Children


Bulletin No. 2

  • Chapter I The responsibilities of a Mother
  • Chapter II The Rules of the Right-Food Game “Apple Sauce Pudding”
  • Chapter III The Menu for School Age “H-O Fluffy Omelet”
  • Chapter IV The School Lunch Box “H-O Old Fashioned Cookies”
  • Chapter V The After-School Pick-Up Lunch “H-O Macaroons”
  • Chapter VI During Vacation Time “H-O Gingerbread”
  • Chapter VII Adding Delights to the Diet “H-O Peanut Brittle”
  • Chapter VII Much Depends on Mother

16 pages + covers

Some smudges on covers 

6 ⅝” x 5”


Development at the H-O Oats site began in 1893, with the construction of a wood-framed cereal mill and a fed mill built for Edward Wllsworth. Ellsworth was a pioneer in the manufacture of prepared breakfast food. In addition to H-O Oats, Ellsworth developed Force Toasted Wheat Flakes and Presto Self-Rising Flour. In 1896, a brick and frame elevator was added to the cereal mill. Hecker H-O purchased the company in 1909, and added a four-story mill building, and concrete and steel elevators between 1912 and 1914. Standard Milling bought the company in 1925.