1920s two photos of ice-boating on Toronto Bay Canada

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Nice set of two photos taken of iceboats on Toronto Bay, Ontario.

Copyrighted by newspaper London England,

Ice yachting on Toronto Bay

Name on boat Caviasta(?)

Written in pencil on back “Ice yachting on Toronto Bay

Stamped on back:

23-29, BOUVERIE ST .E. C.


Creases UR, LR corners.

Group of men preparing ice boat on Toronto Bay

Written in pencil on back “Toronto Bay”.

Penciled circle and dimension on back.

Same stamp as above on back.

Collection stamp ‘FORBIN Clamart (s) tel…


Creases UL, UR, LR corners. Paper is 'curved'

16.5 x 21.5 cm //  6 ⅝” x 8 ½”

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


Subsequent research into the sport of ice-boating in Toronto, from the 1820s to the end of World War II, has revealed it to be of considerable interest from both social and technological points of view. The boats were used for winter transportation to and from the Toronto Island, and were also raced with fierce competitiveness around triangular courses on the frozen harbour.

This article examines the growth and development of iceboating in Toronto through the period of its greatest popularity to its eventual decline, with an emphasis on the development of the form and rig of the iceboats. By the mid nineteenth century, a distinctive Toronto type of iceboat had emerged, and it predominated in the city up until the 1930s, when finally supplanted by more modem models. The prevalence of these lateen-rigged stem-steering boats in Toronto long after the development and dominance of marconi-rigged bow-steerers elsewhere is an interesting example of insularity in small craft development.