1920s RPPC troops beside American Legion Elbert Waid wagon – Panama

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Postcard that needs some more research.

The Elbert S. Waid Legion Post No.2 was based in Cristobal Canal Zone Panama.

Tropical climes (palm tree).

Five soldiers leaning on wagon that has written on its side:

The American Legion
Elbert S. Waid
Post No. 2


Strangely, there is also written on its side in French:

Hommes 40                     La Voiture 89
Chevaux 8


(Men, Horses, Vehicle)

Behind them, appears to be a marching band.

On the upper right corner is written ‘Canada

On back, stamped and addressed to Paris France with note “At Conlon R. of P. Having a fine time Bob

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)