1919 WW1 postcard The Black Watch battle honours, Canadian soldier

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Postcard showing two soldiers in full regimental uniforms. On back, message from soldier in 20th Canadian Reserve Battalion to his sister in Quebec.

THE BLACK WATCH (Royal Highlanders)
                      (42nd Foot and 73rd Foot)


On back ‘Printed in England by GALE & POLDEN LTD. London , Aldershot,  and Portsmouth (Copyrighted)'

“Jan 4 1919 Dear Sister, Just a line to let you know I am still living…Ralph”
“Canadian Soldier Card”

Sent to “Mrs M . A. Bernard Danville Que Canada

Stamped with red box :  ‘--DERLY ---- 5 JAN. 1919  20th CANADIAN RES BATTA--- R.H.C’.

Toning on back.


20th Canadian Reserve Battalion (Quebec)

  • Organized at Shoreham on 8 January 1917 under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel A, Magee.
  • Authorization published in Canadians’ Routine Order 271 of 20 January 1917.
  • Formed by absorbing 148th and 171st Battalions.
  • Absorbed 236th Battalion on 14 March 1918.
  • Reinforced 13th and 42nd Battalions.
  • Moved to Bramshott on 11 October 1917 and to Ripon on 20 January 1919.
  • Absorbed by 23rd Canadian Reserve Battalion on 28 April 1919.