1917 two photo postcards 2nd Engineers, Camp Baker El Paso Texas

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Two photo postcards with images of the 2nd Regiment of Engineers at Camp Baker near El Paso.

In 1917 they had been stationed in El Paso after participating the Pancho Villa Expedition into Mexico. Later that year, they sailed for France, to the WW1 battlefields.

Photos may be by Robert Runyon, famed Texas photographer.

Camp of Company A of the 2nd Engineers El Paso

Nice photo of army camp, tents pitched in sparse drylands near el Paso. Men in uniform gathered around one tent. Mountain range in background.

Written on negative (text flipped horizontally):

Co A 2nd  Engr’s Camp Feb 1917   El Paso Texas  RPhoto

Buildings of 2nd Regiment of Engineers camp El Paso

Rows of buildings

Written on negative:

2 Reg Engr’s in camp   El Paso Texas   RPhoto


‘AZO’ photographic paper dates them to 1904-1918.


Some light smudges on backs


(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the cards)



(April 6, 1917 to May 30, 1918)

The Formation of the 2nd Regiment of Engineers. The 2nd Regiment of Engineers was formed from the 2nd Battalion of Engineers, the regiment first coming into existence on July 1, 1916, at Colonia Dublan, Mexico. It joined in the expedition into Mexico after the raid on Columbus, New Mexico, by the Mexican Bandit, Villa. When the American forces were withdrawn from Mexico in February, 1917, the Regiment was ordered to Camp Baker, Texas, near El Paso, where it was stationed when the United States declared war against Germany. The state of war forced the United States to at once increase the regular army to its full strength instead of waiting several years for this authorized increase as was originally contemplated. The 5th Regiment of Engineers was formed from the 2nd Engineers, and the 2nd was promptly recruited by voluntary enlistments to its full strength. Selected officers were sent to it from the engineer training camps and selected engineer non-commissioned officers were given commissions and assigned to the regiment...

On August 22, 1917, the regiment left Camp Baker, Texas, by rail, arriving at Washington, D. C, August 28th. It camped in the suburbs at the American University grounds, now Camp Leach, until September 9th, when it took trains for embarkation at New York City, It left the United States on September 10, 1917, sailing on board the R.M.S. "CARPATHIA" from New York, via Halifax, to Glasgow, proceeding thence by rail to Southampton, England, by boat to Havre, France, and by rail in France to stations at Colombey-les>-Belles, Barisey-au-Plain, Vaucouleurs and Uruffe.