1915 catalog Fox Anti-Skid chains for cars - Hamilton Ontario

$100.00 CAD

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Great cover graphics. Nice image of Fire Chief in his car.

       Made in Canada
Fox Chain Company Limited
  Hamilton Ont. Canada
        January 1915
“Does the chain you are now using prevent our car from skidding?”
“The Fox Chain is a Revelation in the Chain World”
“As a fact and as a figure of speech, the Fox Chain stands alone”
“We only ask you to communicate with us. The privilege- yes or no rests with you”
“If you are from Missouri, so much the better. We are from Missouri ourselves.”
“The Fire Chief of Hamilton Ont. has equipped his car with Fox Chains, to prevent skidding when speeding to fires.”
“The man that uses Fox Chains travels in distinguished company” 

Plant located Corner Bay, York and Napier Sts. Phone 6866

Printed by ‘The Moore Printery Hamilton’.

Eight pages + covers

Some red ink transfer. Rust on staples. Small corner creases.

23 x 15 cm