1913 USA Strauss Bros. letterhead commercial letter to Cognac France

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Typewritten letter from Strauss Brothers Company of Chicago to I. Sauvion & Co. in Cognac France. Order for 30 casks of Cognac.

Nice letterhead of red logo of their Solo Bourbon.

“BEST ON THE BARS” Solo Bourbon
Strauss Brothers Company
Distillers, Importers
216 West Madison St.
Chicago July 31st, 1913
…  5 casks  “COGNAC” 117.5 gal
…25 casks           “         414    “
$418.04 (due)

Vertical and horizontal fold. Hole on left side for filing. Stain UL corner.

7” x 8 ¼”


From 1890s book on Chicago:

"STRAUS BROTHERS. This firm is one of the most important wholesale liquor dealers in Chicago. It handles only the better quality of goods, principally those used for medicinal and sacramental purposes. It occupies three floors of the large business house at 203 and 205 East Madison Street. It is among the largest dealers in bonded goods in the United States, and is owner of a large distillery at New Haven, Kentucky; has in stock fifty brands of Kentucky whisky, a large line of Pennsylvania and Maryland ryes, and a full line of domestic wines. The firm is composed of Messrs. Leo Straus and Eli M. Straus. Both are young men and came to Chicago in 1871. They employ seven traveling salesmen, and their goods are sold in nine different States. These gentlemen are prominent members of the "Chicago Liquor Dealers Association."