1913 NYC letter with large Montebello Champagne letterhead

Great letterhead with images of

  • Chateau (France) ‘Owners of the Old Vineyards of the Dukes of Orleans
  • Offices and Cellars (France) ‘The Montebello Establishment at Mareuil-Sur-Ay
  • Coat of Arms
    Office of Alfred de Montebello & Co.
             127 Broad St. New York
Chateau de Mareuil-Sur-Ay (Marne) FRANCE
             Leon Renault Manager


Letter in French sent to Mercier Roger & Cie Cognac (France). Business letter of recommendation for Vincent de Messing of the Cosmo Trading Co. Signed by Alfred de Montebello.

Sent on the S/S. “Kronprinz Wilhelm”

Folded into six for insertion into envelope. Burn hole UL corner.

10 ¾” x 8 ⅛”


The Chateau of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ then became home to the Marshal’s eldest son, Napoléon-Auguste Lannes, 2nd Duke of Montebello, who went into partnership with his two brothers, Gustave, a general under Bonaparte’s command, and Alfred 1st Count of Montebello. Four years later in 1834 they founded the Alfred de Montebello Champagne House and succeeded in making a go of the vineyard despite repeated financial crises and wars. Czar Nicolas II of Russia visited in the 1890s. Following the Wall Street Crash of 1929 the estate was sold.


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