1912 pamphlet recipes and medicine 'Ransom's Family Receipt Book'

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Pamphlet mixing recipes and promotions of medical products.
They say I have good luck With oysters, fish and duck With salads, meats, and pie - Will frankly tell you why       
We have a whole set of Ransom's Family Receipt Book
D. Ransom & Sons & Co. Buffalo N.Y.

Recipes for:

  • Soups (Clam Soup...)
  • Vegetables (Lyonaise potatoes...)
  • Meats (Ham Croquettes...)
  • Puddings (Graham Pudding...)
  • and many more....

Ransom & Sons products:

  • Trask Ointment
  • Ransom's Hive Syrup (comp.) and Tolu
  • Miller's Universal Balm
  • Professor Anderson's Durmador
  • King of the Blood

Price lists for remedies, page long descriptions of the healing powers.

Many, many testimonials for the products, ordering forms, etc..

1912 calendar on back.

Stamp of retail store on back:

E.C. Gilbert Rushford N.Y. PURE DRUGS, MEDICINES

32 pages + covers

Last five pages have UR corner sliced off (not affecting text- edges retained in tucked in between pages!), covers have creases, small tears, bits missing. Some pages partially detached. Paper bit toned

17.5 x 11  cm

Doctor David Ransom began his practice in Buffalo, New York in 1846. He produced Dr. D. Ransom's King of the Blood, claiming to cure cancers and cancerous tumors "without the surgeon's knife," as well as scrofula and consumption! Then there was Dr. A. Trask's Magnetic Ointment for croup, sore throat, diphtheria and rheumatism. Other magnetic balms and Indian balm pills followed.