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1912 Pamphlet 'Ransom's Family Receipt Book' sponsored cooking pamphlet, for medical remedies

$10.00 CAD


They say I have good luck With oysters, fish and duck With salads, meats, and pie - Will frankly tell you why       We have a whole set of Ransom's Family Receipt Book

D. Ransom & Sons & Co. Buffalo N.Y.

Recipes for:

  • Soups (Clam Soup...)
  • Vegetables (Lyonaise potatoes...)
  • Meats (Ham Croquettes...)
  • Puddings (Graham Pudding...)
  • and many more....

Ransom & Sons products:

  • Trask Ointment
  • Ransom's Hive Syrup (comp.) and Tolu
  • Miller's Universal Balm
  • Professor Anderson's Durmador
  • King of the Blood

Price lists for remedies, page long descriptions of the healing powers.

Many,many testimonials for the products, ordering forms,etc..

Stamp of retail store on back:

E.C. Gilbert Rushford N.Y. PURE DRUGS, MEDICINES

32 pages + covers

Condition: Average, last five pages have UR corner sliced off (not affecting text- edges retained in tucked in between pages!), covers have creases, small tears, bits missing. Some pages partially detached.

11 X 17.5 cm