1912 Newark & Port Lewis NJ 2 letters from Improved Order Red Men,

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Two letters from New Jersey branches of  The Improved Order of Red Men fraternal organization. Both have illustrated letterheads.

Letter #1 Schosheon Tribe No. 188 Port Morris New Jersey 190x

Image of Aboriginal warrior

Wigwam of
Schosheon Tribe, NO. 188
Improved Order of Red Men
Port Morris, New Jersey
Dr  F.M  Flowers...eleven nights sitting up with Bro. Chas Tice
!1 nights $2   $22.00
Recd payment F.M Flowers


Letter #2 Wachung Tribe No. 110 Newark New Jersey 1912

Image of Aboriginal warriors on cliff overlooking village with teepees.

Wigwam of
Wachung Tribe, NO. 110
Improved Order of Red Men
Newark , N.J.
Common era Feb 12th 1912
Parcell C of R.
Dear Chies & Bros.
...the first Bro, is again and pur relief--- stated he referred to your tribe about Bro. Henry, he is almost again able to follow the hunt, so we will try and fix him up at our next council sleep trusting this is satisfactory to your trice
P.A. Tsuk C. of R.

Folded in six. Second letter has tear LR.

11" x 8½


The Improved Order of Red Men is a fraternal organization established in North America in 1834. Their rituals and regalia are modeled after those assumed by white men of the era to be used by Native Americans. Despite the name, the order was formed solely by, and for, white men. The organization claimed a membership of about half a million in 1935,but has declined to a little more than 15,000.

In 1834, the Improved Order of Red Men (IORM) was started as a revival in Baltimore. It was focused on temperance, patriotism and American History. In 1835, with only two tribes in place, a larger IORM was organized. Unlike the original Order, the IORM uses only expanded Indian titles. Rather than the public display of Indian costumes, the IORM uses its regalia in private gatherings.

The Order has a three-tiered structure. Local units are called "Tribes" and are presided over by a "Sachem" and a board of directors. Local meeting sites are called "Wigwams". The state level is called the "Reservation" and governed by a "Great Sachem" and "Great Council" or "Board of Chiefs"…