1909 USA photo postcard Brockton MA fair. ‘Living Comet’ circus act

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Photo postcard of French circus performer Miss Aboukaïa performing the ‘Living Comet’ circus act at the Brockton MA fair, October 1909. In the act she would throw herself off a tower attached by a wire, slide down a ramp on her belly, and land on a safety net.

She became more famous as a pioneering aviation heroine about 1910-1913.

French text on front:

La Comète Vivante executée par Mlle Aboukaïa Tod Lane manager
Brockton Fair U.S.A Mass. 5 Octobre 1909 

(The Living Comet executed by Miss  Aboukaïa)

'AZO’ photographic paper dates it to 1904-1918.

Light smudges n front. Toned on back

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)

Mademoiselle Aboukaia

Mademoiselle Aboukaia was one of the first women in France to take up aviation. She began experiments with a Demoiselle monoplane, soon after M. Santos Dumont had introduced this machine. Subsequently, going to Chalons, she learned to fly upon an Antoinette monoplane.- - - Mademoiselle Aboukaïa, Mlle Balisse of her real name, (? - ?) was a French Aviatrice. - Mlle Balisse was born in Lot-et-Garonne, she was involved in bike competitions in 1896 and 1899 as well as Hélène Dutrieu. - Mlle Aboukaïa was well-known in Europe for performing a famous show at that time, the "Looping the loop", in 1904 on a bycicle and then on an automobile (1906). Aboukaia flew several times on a Demoiselle of Clément Bayard company (as well as Helene Dutrieu) but she didn't get a pilot's license, at least in France. - The weekly aviation newspaper "Flight" reports on may 1910 that Mme Aboukaïa has done well and progressed at Farman school as well as Mrs Franck. On june she made a flight as a passenger, still in Farman school, she's then quoted on next week's edition on a report over Farman school activities and this is the last time her name is reported