1909 Ottawa Ladies College school June pupils pamphlet

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 Monthly student magazine for the Ottawa Ladies College.

             Volume V June 1909 No. 3

Published by the Pupils of the Ottawa Ladies College...

     O.L.C. Echoes
Ottawa Ladies College
Da Nobis Lucem Domine.



  • Editorials
  • ‘Some of the paintings of Raphael’
  • ‘Seven Johns’
  • ‘English Lace’
  • ‘Dreaming’
  • ‘Country Pleasures’
  • ’Lament of a School Girl’s Shade’
  • ‘Music’
  • ‘A Happy Evening’
  • Pupils of Ottawa Ladies’ College 1908-’09 (* Resident Pupils)


Advertising on covers and last few pages:

  • Bryson-Graham Limited - ‘Ottawa’s Greatest Store’
  • B. Slatterly – Butcher
  • The Topley Studio - Kodaks
  • Ottawa Ladies’ College
  • Norman Campbell - Chemist and Druggist
  • Nixon’s Ice Cream
  • Davidson & Lepage – Furs
  • P. Johnson – Particular Grocer
  • Frank Jartan - Artists’ Materiels
  • James Hope & Sons – Booksellers
  • Sorosis – shoe for women
  • Martin-Orme – instruments
  • Henry Birks & Sons – Class Pins


Covers toned/stained and detached. Staining on interior pages.

24 pages + covers

25 x 17 cm


The Ottawa Ladies' College was a non-denominational Ottawa educational institution founded in 1869 for the purpose of providing a quality education to women.

Originally named the Presbyterian Ladies' College because of its association with the Presbyterian Church, the Ottawa Ladies' College was founded in Centretown in 1869 by Henry Franklin Bronson. The college was re-established in 1914 in a large building designed by Edgar Lewis Horwood located at 268 First Ave.

The purpose of the college was the improvement of women's education. Grade levels were grade 1 to post-secondary. Courses included languages, mathematics, science, athletics, handicrafts, and household arts such as practical cooking, needlework and sewing. Horseback riding and pantomime courses were also offered.