1908 photo postcard of school baseball team, Iberville Québec

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Front of card has picture of Iberville College baseball team, with title ‘Base Ball Team 1908-09’. Uniforms have ‘IC’ emblem on them.

Iberville was a Catholic school run by Marist Brothers.

French text, dated Iberville 26 April 1909, appears to be written by teacher at the religious school:

“…fouillez un peu dans vos paperasses dans le but de mettre à jour le célèbre ‘Tu es Petrus' de Garin, et me l’envoyer au plus tôt…je veux le faire exécuter pour la visite de Mgr Bouchési….nous faisons notre grand tra la la le 4 et 5 mai…je compte un peu aller vous faire mes compliments avec le Frère Ambroise…nous allons aux examens avec grand pompe mais sans préparation...”
“…send me the music..’Tu es Petrus’ by Garin….want to perform it for the visit of Mgr Bouchési on the 15th of May… we do our great tra la la on the 4 and 5th of May…soon come visit with Brother Ambroise…we are going to exams with great pomp, but with no preparation...”


Chapter II - The Pioneering Period

In 1884 Reverend Father E. Gravel, Rector of the Cathedral of St. Hyacinthe, P.Q., Canada, visited the Marist superiors at St. Genis Laval, France, in order to interest them in the teaching apostolate in Canada. The superiors were impressed, but hesitated to open a new mission territory.

A short time later, Bishop Louis Z. Moresu, of the Diocese of St. Hyacinthe, invited the brothers to staff a school in Iberville and another at Sorel in his diocese. Canon St. Georges, Pastor of St. Athanase Parish and President of the Iberville School Commission also made a formal request for brothers for his parish school. Reverend Brother Stratonique, Assistant General for the Notre Dame de 1'Hermitage Province, in France, requested the General Council of the Institute to sponsor the mission territory of Canada. The Council granted his wish on condition that the Notre Dame de l'Hermitage Province supply the personnel and money needed. St. Athanase in Iberville then was selected as the first Marist school in Canada.