1908 Montreal letter from Ram & Co. cigarette tube factory burned down

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Interesting letter from Montreal grocer and importer cancelling an order of cigarette paper from France because Ram’s cigarette tube manufacturing plant has burnt down.

Page full of advertising for products sold: Carmel Wines and Cognacs, Teas and Coffees, Russian Teas, Cigarette Papers, Scotch & Holland Herrings, Salamis, Matzos Passover, etc.

                     B. RAM & COMPANY

Importers of Groceries, Wines and  Liquors
      115-117 & 119 St. Dominique Street
Montreal July 21st 1908
Messrs Abadie & Co Manufacturers of Cigarette Paper Paris France
Dear Sirs,
We regret very much to inform you that our factory manufacturing cigarette tubes has burned down, and owing to that we are no compelled to cancel the order as we are not in position to go into that business for a long while.
You will therefore be kind enough to return our check to us, for which we shall be much obliged to you….
B. Ram Co.

Horizontal and vertical folds

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