1907 USA advertising postcard Telling’s Ice Cream Cleveland OH

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Attractive image of two children eating from a large pot of Telling's ice cream based in Cleveland Ohio,

Image is embossed. 

Telling’s ICE CREAM


Publisher's name embossed at bottom left of image:

Copyright 1907 by Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co. St. Louis USA

Pencil message and address on back

Toning spots, bottom border.

The TELLING-BELLE VERNON CO., the first dairy company in Cleveland to deliver milk in glass bottles, was created on 29 Jan. 1915 by the merger of the Telling Bros. Co. and the Belle Vernon Farms Dairy Co. Telling Bros. began as a 1-man milk route operated by Wm. E. Telling from 1891-93. In partnership with his brother, John C., he organized the Telling Bros. Ice Cream Co. in Dec. 1895 with a shop at 953 Willson Ave. (E. 55th St.). The firm was incorporated in 1905 and in 1913 Telling Bros. sold 4.2 million quarts of ice cream.