1907 Canada patriotic postcard view Stamp Mill, Bruce Mines Ontario

$27.00 USD

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Nice postcard with image of stamp mill Rock Lake Mine (Bruce Mines) and patriotic image made up of two Union Jacks and a maple leaf with beaver.

Beneath flags: 'The Empire on which the Sun Never Sets'.

The photo of the mill has a label at the bottom:

Rock Lake Mining Co’y


Bruce Mines is located east of Sault Ste. Marie, and west of Thessalon, on Lake Huron. Scarce image, Rock Lake mine closed in 1913.


Bruce Mines Jan 26.06 (07??)
--- let me know when you got back to Sudbury.
I am going to Thessalon Masonic Dance on Wed the 30th wish you could---

Mailed with indistinct cancellation, appears to be North Bay and S.S. Marie RPO. Mailed to Sudbury with ‘SUDBURY JAN 2- 7’ receiving postmark on front.

Couple of corner chips.


From 1896 to 1940 5 mines sprung up to mine the copper in the area. The Rock Lake was the largest producer. Established in 1899 the mine complete with 30 ton stamp mill began shipping concentrates to the Bruce Mines smelter. In 1901 75 men were on the mines payroll while 135,000 lbs of copper was produced annually. The mine had a single shaft sunk to 450 ft. In 1905 the mine reached a payroll of 120 men until 1913 when the mine closed.