1906 Canada postcard Temagami Inn, Lake Temagami Ontario (GTR)

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Early postcard view of the Temagami Inn in Northern Ontario. Issued by the Grand Trunk Railway to encourage tourism

‘'The Temagami Inn, Lake Temagami, Ontario Grand Trunk Railway.’  

Message at bottom: "When are you coming to North Bay? Alf

Published by 'Valentine Series (Britain)'

Mailed to French River via North Bay Ontario. ‘N. BAY & ---’ railway RPO cancellation on 1 cent King Edward VII stamp (variety?),


Recreational enthusiasts discovered the Temagami region at the end of the 19th century. The area was highly valued by sportsmen and canoeists, because of its great beauty and abundance of wildlife. Such interest sparked many tourist developments, one of which was the Temagami Inn. Built in 1905 by the Temagami Steamboat and Hotel Company, the 3-story hotel was once a grand luxury resort that could accommodate 200 guests. Temagami Inn eventually became the Temagami Lodge we know today. The original Inn was one of Ontario's largest log buildings and stood on the island until it was destroyed by fire in 1980.


In 1906, the Canadian Summer Resort Guide declared that the Lady Evelyn Hotel, Ronnoco Hotel and Temagami Inn were "not the result of a slow gradual growth, but prepared for the best class of guests, with every regard for their comfort and convenience". The three Temagami hotels could accommodate up to 500 guests at daily rates of $2.50 to $3.50 per person, among the highest in Ontario during this period. Weekly rates of $16 to $21 were available for the residential or resort-oriented vacations in which the Lady Evelyn Hotel and Temagami Inn specialized. At full occupancy in the height of the season, the three hotels brought in approximately $10,000 per week.