1904 UK photo postcard young girl in Swift two-seater automobile

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Photo postcard of a young girl at the wheel of a parked Swift automobile two-seater in a rural setting.

Licence plate #2928. 1904 was the first year that in the UK plates became a legal requirement.

Written on back “SWIFT 1904” and “T Harding”.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)


The Swift Motor Company made Swift Cars in Coventry, England from 1900 until 1931. It grew progressively from James Starley's Coventry Sewing Machine Company, via bicycle and motorised cycle manufacture. The cars ranged from a single-cylinder car in 1900 using an MMC engine, through a Swift-engined twin-cylinder 7-horsepower light car in 1904, and a 3-litre model in 1913. After the First World War a successful range was sold during the 1920s, but the Cadet of 1930 was its last vehicle as it could not compete economically with volume manufacturers such as Ford and Morris Motors.