1904 13 y.o. English girl's apprenticeship booklet - Paris

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How a 13 year old girl from Leyton (London) England ended up working in a workshop in Paris should be an interesting story to research.

All in French.

Booklet No. 2180 for Miss Marguerite Philomene Augustine Harrison, born 29th May 1891, sub-district of Leyton, 34 Broca (?) Street, England. Delivered Paris, 29th august 1904.

Stamps by mayoral office of 5th Arrondissement.

She worked as apprentice at one establishment:

POIRET Fres & Neveu, ATELIER, 124 Boul’d Auguste-Blanqui

Started 30th August 1904, ended 3rd September 1905(?).

Poiret Bros. & Nephew worked with wool, cotton and canvas.

Pages to be completed by the employer(s), and 13 pages of the text of the law of November 2, 1892 ‘on the work of children, minor girls and women in industrial establishments…

27 pages.

11 x 17 cm.