1902 Nordhoff Guild Cook Book benefit National Homœopathic Hospital

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The Nordhoff Guild Cook Book, sold for the benefit of the National Homœopathic Hospital Nordhoff Guild, Washington DC

Scarce, book has been reprinted in recent years. Copy in Library of Congress.

….Great pleasure is taken in presenting them for the benefit of the National Homoeopathic Hospital….



  • Soups (Parker House (Boston ) Tomato...)
  • Fish (Indian Timbales..)
  • Meats (Chicken Terrapin...)
  • Sauces (Chestnut Sauce...)
  • Vegetables (Sweet Potatoes Plantation Style...)
  • Eggs (Eggs a la Newburg...)
  • Salads (Cherry Salad..)
  • Bread (Montgomery County Potato Rolls...)
  • Cakes (Caramel Cake...)
  • Pies (Cream Peach...)
  • Puddings (Blackberry Roly Poly)
  • Pudding sauces (Coffee Sauce...)
  • Desserts (Charlotte Russe...)
  • Preserves and pickles (Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind...)
  • Candies (Maple Cream Fudge...)
One-half shin of beef, one pound of knuckle of veal (optional), two large onions, one carrot, one small tur nip, some parsley and celery t0ps, one-half teaspoonful Worcestershire sauce. Brown meat and vegetables (but not the greens) in butter, add three quarts of cold water, salt, red pepper to taste, and a lump of sugar browned in iron spoon over the fire. Reduce one-half by slow boiling — say four hours — and strain through sieve.

Bonus handwritten recipe page added by owner for Swedish Tea, and another at bottom of printed page for grape juice

Condition poor/fair:

Has all the recipe pages but missing front and back covers, title page, and back index page. Owner created cardboard cover to protect. Couple detached pages. Stains, toning, water damage, edge fraying but not affecting readability

69 pages

7 ½ x 5 ¾