1901 Dr. Pierce’s Memorandum & Account Book for Farmers, Mechanics

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A Present from the World’s Dispensary Medical Association Buffalo N.Y and London Eng.

Promotion of medical quackery and miracle cures.

For use in Canada.

Little book full of advertising for ‘cures’ for multiple diseases and ailments, as well as providing monthly calendars with room for notes, and blank memoranda pages.

Nice central image on front cover of two mechanics and a farmer behind a plough in a field.

Back cover has advertising for Dr.  Pierce’s All-healing SALVE as well as image of the World’s Dispensary building in Buffalo.


  • Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets
  • Canada’s Postal Rates
  • The Basis of Life – The Stomach is the Vital Center
  • Multiple testimonials, each with drawing of the sender:
    • Dyspepsis and Heart Trouble
    • “Given up All Hope”
    • Heart Trouble
    • “Feel like a New Man”
  • Welcome Words to Women
  • A Boon for Delicate Women

50 pages. 11-12 pages at back dealing with medicines.

Nice, unused condition.

14.5 x 8.5 cm


The man who became one of the greatest sellers of nostrums in America was Buffalo’s Ray Vaughn Pierce (1840–1914).

Pierce parlayed an off-beat medical degree into a quackery empire that included an Invalids’ Hotel. His World’s Dispensary Medical Association endlessly dispensed Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery and a host of other elixirs, copies of his medical tome (The People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser [1888]), and a profusion of advertising giveaways.

In his heyday, Dr. R.V. Pierce was, notes one historical writer, “Buffalo’s most famous doctor,” one “whose name and bearded countenance were familiar to people all over the world”.