1897 Belle Epoque poster Dudley Hardy – St Paul’s (‘Les Affiches Étrangères’)

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Great whimsical magazine cover image of lady and gentleman on a moon-centered teeter-totter.

"By the 1890s the streets of every great metropolis were enlivened by large colourful posters). The poster had not only caught the fancy of the broad public, but its best examples were already being regarded as works of art (specifically, as fine prints) to be exhibited, reviewed in journals, collected and reprinted in a manageable form. In the last five years of the century, the Imprimerie Chaix was to play great part in codifying, hallowing and perpetuating the ebullient period of 'La Belle Epoque.' ”  (www.yaneff.com)

Poster from Volume 3 of the three-volume set, published from 1897-99. It was a printed in a limited edition of 1,050 copies.

Edited by G. Boudet and printed by Chaix.

Stone lithograph printed on fine vellum paper stock.

Slight browning along edges.

12 ¼” x 8 ⅝”


Dudley Hardy, RI, ROI, RBA, RMS, PS, (1867 –1922), was an English painter and illustrator.

Hardy was the eldest son of the marine painter Thomas Bush Hardy, under whose influence and tutelage he first learned to draw and paint. In 1882 he attended the Düsseldorf Academy where he remained for three years. After a further two years' study in Paris and at Antwerp Academy he returned to England to live and work in London.

In 1885 Hardy began exhibiting at the Royal Academy, an association that lasted to his death.

Although not visiting the Sudan he became a 'War Artist' for the 1890s Sudanese War, providing illustrations for London periodicals. His interest in illustration led to the production of French graphic influenced poster imagery, most notably the Yellow Girl advertisement for Today magazine, and Gaiety Girls, a series of posters depicting actresses of the Gaiety Theatre. Much of Hardy's illustrative work is held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


 “Les Affiches Etrangeres”

Illustrated with 65 full-page color plates and 2 double-page color plates, all protected with tissue; 24 full-page black and white plates, 1 double-page black and white, and numerous other in-text illustrations. 

Paris: G. Boudet and C. Tallandier, 1897. Limited edition -- from a total of 1,050 copies

This volume is the third part of a highly collectible three volume set which explores the significance of poster art in the 1880s and 90s.

The first two volumes concern posters by French artists ("Les Affiches Illustrees"), while this volume is about posters printed elsewhere (specifically: Germany, Austria, England, America, Belgium and Japan). Color lithographs printed by Imprimerie Chaix.