1896-7 Advertising flyer for Two Little Vagabonds play, London UK

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Advertising pamphlet for Two-Little Vagabonds 1896

George R. Sims and Arthur Shirley’s Great Success
Hardie & Von Leer’s Company
Direct from the Princess Theatre London
Commencing  Monday October 4th


Some confusion on the year. Records show it opened October 4th 1896, which was a Sunday. Monday Oct 4th was an 1897 date.

Adaption of Pierre Decourcelle’s Les Deux Gosses.

Nice colour flyer, with illustrations, great graphics, press notices…

Back page has fold and small chunk of paper missing right side – not affecting text, but bites into graphic on reverse side. Also some yellowing along right side if this page. Other end page has small fold and small tear.

3 doubled-sides pages

13 x 10.5 cm (closed), 13 x 30.5 cm (open)


George Robert Sims (1847 – 1922) was an English journalist, poet, dramatist, novelist and bon vivant.

Sims began writing lively humour and satiric pieces for Fun magazine and The Referee, but he was soon concentrating on social reform, particularly the plight of the poor in London's slums. A prolific journalist and writer he also produced a number of novels.

Sims was also a very successful dramatist, writing numerous plays, often in collaboration, several of which had long runs and international success. He also bred bulldogs, was an avid sportsman and lived richly among a large circle of literary and artistic friends. Sims earned a fortune from his productive endeavours but had gambled most of it away by the time of his death.

In 1896, Sims wrote the melodrama Two Little Vagabonds with Arthur Shirley (an adaptation of Les deux gosses) which was a hit at Princess's Theatre and enjoyed many revivals.