1895 pamphlet recipes Arm & Hammer 'Book of Valuable Receipts'

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                      Book of
Twenty-Fourth Edition of one million each


    Arm & Hammer
Church & Co's Soda
       New York


Calendar for 1895 on inside cover.

Receipts (Recipes) for:

  • Bread
  • Breakfast and Tea
  • Cake and Cookies
  • Puddings
  • and many more...

Product info:

  • Soda in the Kitchen
  • Facts for Housekeepers
  • Soda in the Sick Room....

Useful information for farmers:

  • Insure against weevil damage
  • Measurement of Cisterns
  • Measurement of corn in the crib
  • Bushels of seed to the acre...

32 pages + covers

Fresh color. Front cover partially detached at bottom One page has paper missing (not affecting text). Paper bit toned.

15 x 9 cm.


Church & Dwight is one of America's oldest, best recognized companies, founded in 1846 by Dr. Austin Church of Connecticut, and his brother-in-law, John Dwight of Massachusetts. Together, they went into the production and marketing of Baking Soda, a trade name for bicarbonate of soda.

The company's first factory was Dr. Dwight's kitchen in Rochester, NY, and the first headquarters comprised a modest frame office over a New York City grocery store.  While Dr. Church handled production, Mr. Dwight aggressively marketed their product to City grocers. Their combined efforts planted the seeds of a product and brand that is now a staple in homes across America.

In 1867, James A. Church joined his father as a member of Church & Co. James   adapted the famous ARM & HAMMER trademark - the arm of Vulcan, Roman mythological god of fire, with hammer in hand. Since then, this trademark has become one of the world's most recognized logos - a symbol of the company's tradition of integrity and quality.

Time passed. The company grew and changed; branched out and came back together. By 1896, the descendants of the founders consolidated their interests under the name of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.