1895 Halifax postal card wholesaler to grocer client - Christmas food

$14.00 CAD

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Interesting pre-stamped postal card sent by a grocer advertising his Christmas offerings. Historical snapshot of food items were typically offered for the holiday season.

Typewritten product list:

           Christmas 1894.

We have in stock Jamaica oranges. Floridas 126 150s & 176s. Valencia oranges due Dec 15th. New Messina Lemons 500s. Tangerines. Grape fruit. New Hallowee Dates. New Layer Figs medium and choice grades. Catawaba Grapes in 5 & 10 llb. baskets and 24 box crates. Almeria Grapes. Cocoanuts, French Prunes 28 & 55 llb. boxes. Evaporated and dried apples, Onions Spanish and Canadian, Canadian Beans, Digby chickens, Jams 14 pound pails..
Your orders for all kinds of green fruits will always have my best attention.
Yours truly,
C.W. Outhit.

Two additional products added in faded red ink LL.

Outhit advertised themselves as ‘Commission Merchant, Wholesale Tropical and Domestic – Fruits and Produce’.

Postmarked ‘HALIFAX DEC 6 94 CANADA’ on prepaid 1 cent Queen Victoria postal card. Mailed to ‘Wallace & Stevens North St. City

Tape remnant LR corner.