1895 Calendar by S. de Niederhausern for Savoy Hotel London

$125.00 CAD

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Belle Epoque era calendar from an exclusive London UK hotel, by a well known artist Sophie de Niederhausern.

By S. de Niederhausern
Special Edition Savoy Hotel Restaurant London.
F Coulin & Co. Publisher, Geneva


Inside page:

"A merry Christmas and a happy New-Year - Savoy Hotel Restaurant - C. Ritz and L. Echanard London."

Printed in thick paper.

Pages gilded at edges. Calendar in good shape, some scotch tape support along outer spine.

29 x 12 cm.


In December 1889, Ritz arrived to take over the Savoy Hotel. He immediately brought in his own team. There was already the brilliant maître d’hôtel, François Rinjoux from Monte Carlo. Now M. Echenard became the head of the new Ritz Relief Army in October 1889 at a salary of £500 per year, assisted by William Autor; another deeply Ritz devoted Agostini took up the important position of cashier. A Mr Elles became restaurant manager. The last piece of the jigsaw slotted into place in March 1890, when Ritz persuaded his friend, chef Auguste Escoffier, to come and take over the ranges at The Savoy.