@1894 Montreal stereoscopic photo Victoria Square (Strohmeyer & Wyman)

$35.00 CAD

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Nice view from above of Victoria Square, looking North. People strolling, horse-drawn carriages on street.

Titled: 'Victoria Square Montreal.'  ‘Copyright, 1894, by Strohmeyer & Hyman’

Left banner 'Strohmeyer & Wyman, Publishers New York, N.Y.'

Right banner 'Sold only BY Underwood & Underwood. Liverpool; New York: Chicago; Toronto; Ottawa, Kas; El Paso, Tex.'

Couple of small pinhole ‘dents’. Card is curved, as is common.

9 x 17.50 cm.


Henry Strohmyer started out as photographer and co-owner of the stereoview publishing house Strohmeyer & Wyman.  He took most of the pictures and maintained editorial control of both the content and the captions.  They did all of their own publishing but hook up with another 3-D company Underwood and Underwood to exclusively handle the distribution of their products.  In 1901 the Underwood Brothers, Bert and Elmer, bought out Strohmeyer & Wyman’s publishing operations and made Henry Strohmeyer Vice President of Underwood operations.