1894 Cincinnati OH, recruiting agents for selling Victor safes

$12.00 CAD

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Prepaid one cent postal card  from the Victor Safe & Lock Co. in Cincinnati with text trying to recruit the recipient to become get their catalogue and become an agent for their product.

…Do you desire to make $200 a month selling safes to the Merchants, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Township trustees, Lodges and well-to-do farmers of your vicinity, if so write at once for our new 78 page, fully illustrated catalogue with full instructions, educating one in the selling of safes. They are too expensive to send out broadcast but we mail them to any address free of charge on application. You need not be experienced in this line to be successful., We are making lower prices on safes just now than were ever thought of before and aqents are reaping a harvest. Write us at once (a postal will do) and get into the filed early.
Yours truly  The Victor Safe & Lock Co.


Postmarked ‘CINCINNATI, OH APR 9 1894’ to Deer Ilse ME.