@1892 USA NYC salesman sample cigar label – lion and pickers

$60.00 CAD

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Attractive lithograph inner cigar box label, with image of king lion, medallions and in the cartouche pickers in tobacco field.

At bottom:


Nice vibrant colors.

Small tear UL edge

6” x 10”.

The formation of the American Lithographic Co. was announced in The American Art Printer, vol. V, no. 6, January, 1892, p. 162, as follows, "Lithographers Join Hands - It is announced that a lithographers' trust has been formed, consisting of the firms of George S. Harris & Sons, of Philadelphia, Schumacher & Ettlinger, the Knapp Company, F. Heppenheimer's Sons, Geo. H. Buek, and the Giles Company, all of this city. The trust will be known as the American Lithographic Company, and will have an office here.. The firms included in the trust say that it is too early to make known the terms of the agreement. The object of the trust is not to cut down prices, but to reduce the cost of manufacture. Competition has been so strong of late that several firms have been driven out of business. The firms mentioned manufacture practically all the cigar labels in the country."

The American Lithographic Co. were located here from 1895 to 1936. Principle among officers during the early years of the company were Leopold C. Schumacher (1849-1914) and Louis Ettlinger (1845-1927). These two were in business as Schumacher & Ettlinger from 1870 to 1895