1890s Canadian Watch and Jewelry Co. Toronto forms

$17.50 CAD

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The Canadian Watch and Jewelry Co,
69 & 71 Adelaide St. East
Toronto Ont. Canada


Set of three blank forms:

  • Information for Agents, reverse has order form for inventory (e.g. $12 of jewelry for $10). ‘Hundreds of agents making from $15.00 to $30.00 per week’. Free watches with sales, ‘Slaughter Sale of Rings’.
  • Order form for items from catalog, reverse has advertising for ‘the finest line of cheap and reliable watches ever sold’: order one from catalog, enclose 50¢, and on receipt, if happy, pay balance of COD.
  • Certificate of Guarantee for a watch:
    • Movement Number __ made by ___WATCH CO. is guaranteed with fair usage, and accurate time keeper for __ years
    • Case Number ___ is made of two heavy plates of fine solid gold, covering an inner plate of hard composition metal and is warranted to wear twenty (2) years.


All have folds. Some small paper nicks, Couple of small ages spots.