1877 Payment receipt for laborer on Sioux City & Pacific Railroad

$16.00 CAD

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Document dated Dec 14th 1877. John Fleming, laborer, worked 56 hours on Section 1 during the month of December and, at the rate of 10¢, is owed Five Dollars and 60 cents.

Handwritten 'Sioux City'.

Signed by the Road Master H.M. Marsh and the Foreman P. Walpole

Stamped "S.C & P.R.R. CEDAR RAPIDS IA.".

Signed on back ‘John H. Fleming

3 ⅛” x 6 ⅜”


The Pacific Railway Act of 1862 defined a network of branches that would begin at the Missouri River and join the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad in or near Nebraska. The UP was required to build the branch from Sioux City, but an 1864 amendment released the UP from this obligation, allowing any railroad arriving at Sioux City from the east, or any newly incorporated railroad, to construct the line and gain the associated land grants. The Sioux City and Pacific Railroad was organized for this purpose in August 1864.To build the portion in Nebraska, the Northern Nebraska Air Line Railroad was incorporated in June 1867 and merged into the Sioux City and Pacific in September 1868.

In August 1867 the Cedar Rapids and Missouri River opened a branch from Missouri Valley Junction west to California Junction (sold to the Sioux City and Pacific in July 1871), where the Sioux City and Pacific, began constructing its line north through the Missouri River Valley, reaching Sioux City in February 1868. The line from California Junction west to Fremont, Nebraska was completed in early 1869. From 1870 until July 1884, the Sioux City and Pacific operated the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad, which continued northwest from Fremont into northwestern Nebraska