1871-72 UK London five (5) letters to Bordeaux merchant, wine & brandy

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Three letters sent in 1871/72 by E.H. Adcock of Biggleswade Bedfordshire to Curcier & Adet, wine agent in Bordeaux.

Two letters sent by Alex P. Adcock, brother of the above.

9 Jan 1871 (Alex)

…having at last arrived safely, I enclose cheque for amount ….

25 Nov 1871

…send me here 3 doz case of the same brandy (No. 1 Cognac) that I had before & the same as supplied to my bro. Mr. Alex P Adcock …174 Fuiborough Road South Kensington…

10 Dec 1871

..can you send me a one doz. case of samples of claret 15 fr. to 18fr. per doz. and also of superior qualities…

On back, penciled notes from dealer listing wines (St Émilion 1865...)

10 Dec 1871


17 Feb 1872 (Alex)

…forward me at your earliest convenience 3 doz. of Brandy, same as before. Let me have it as old as you can oblige



At top of each letter rooster, crest and motto ‘DUM VIVO CANTO’ (While I Live I Sing) For 4 letters, below crest is crossed out London address ‘30 Redcliffe Gardens South Kensington S.W.’

Notes from dealer on each letter.