1870 New York City invoice Lockwood & Co: brooms, pails, willow ware

$15.00 CAD

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Nice invoice and receipt of payment, letterhead of C. Lockwood & Co. wholesaler of brooms, painted pails, wooden & willow ware. Sale to Mr. Robbins of Bridgeport Conn.

New York June 22nd 1870
Mr. W.F. Robbins
                      Bought of C. LOCKWOOD & CO.
Wholesale dealers of BROOMS, PAINTED PAILS, WOODEN & WILLOW WARE, &c  No. 23 Fulton & 205 Water Sts.
Manufacturers Depot for Hobby Horses, Boys’ Sleighs, Children’s Carriages…Refrigerators
½ Doz small – Waggans
1/12 “ large  “”  “”
1 “ --- Brooms

….Shipped to day per Bridgeport Boat
We are out of med waggans and cant get any of them in the city and we send you large one in place hopping It will be all right…


Folds and creases. Toning on left side from glue remnant on back.

7” x 8”