1870 Chicago & NW railway receipt for military supplies, Indian Wars

$31.00 USD

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Chicago & North-Western Railway Co.

Receipt for shipment on Oct 28 1870 to Lt. J.R. McGinnis of:

  • 1 case Tompions
  • 20 Army Cht. Carbines

Shipping costs of $56.28

Pencil notation ‘Delivered 10-31-70’.

Also has blue stamp: 'GENERAL FREIGHT OFFICE EXAMINED NOV 12 1870'

Tompion = wooden stopper for the muzzle of a gun.

Research suggests it could rather be Lt. J.T. McGinnis of the 13th Infantry Regiment, which was stationed in the Utah Territory in 1870.

Folded horizontally. Pinhole UL corner. Couple small tears.

4-5/8" x  8-1/2"


13th Regiment of Infantry

The regimental return for January, 1867, shows the following roster of commissioned officers: Colonel I. V. D. Reeve; Lieutenant Colonel G. L. Andrews, and Major William Clinton.

Captains R. S. LaMotte, N. W. Osborne, Robert Nugent, A. B. Carey, Wm. C. Ide, E. W. Clift, F. E. DeCourcy, R. A. Torrey, and Robert Chandler.

First Lieutenants Patrick Meagher, J. L. Horr, T. J. Lloyd, Wm. H. Keeling, J. D. Graham, J. M. Green, J. T. McGinnis, A. N. Canfield, and J. S. Stafford.

Second Lieutenants M. O. Codding, O. A. Thompson, E. H. Townsend, H. C. Pratt, Wm. Auman, W. I. Sanborn, J. B. Guthrie, and Thomas Newman.

Regimental Headquarters were at Fort Rice till June, 1867, then at Camp Cooke till August 11, then at Fort Shaw until sent to Camp Douglas, Utah Ter., June 11, 1870


The Chicago and North Western Railway was chartered on June 7, 1859. It had purchased the assets of the bankrupt Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac Railroad five days earlier. On February 15, 1865, it officially merged with the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad, which had been chartered on January 16, 1836. Since the Galena & Chicago Union started operating in December 1848, and the Fond du Lac railroad started in March, 1855, the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad is considered to be the origin of the North Western railroad system. The Winona and St. Peter Railroad was added to the network in 1867.