1855 USA pamphlet extracts War Department regarding Indian Hostilities

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1855 pamphlet with a collection of extracts from letters to the US War Department regarding Indian Hostilities,


A letter from the Secretary of War on the subject of Indian hostilities

  • To the Senate and House of Representatives FRANKLIN PIERCE Washington January 16,1855 (“necessity of an increase of the regular army…sufficient strength to control the unfriendly Indians…)
  • WAR DEPARTMENT Washington January 16,1855 JEFFERSON DAVIS Secretary of War (…authority be asked of Congress to call into service 3,000 mounted volunteers……it is hoped the two additional regiments of cavalry be organized, mounted and put into position to relieve the volunteers some time during the summer or fall…:
  • Headquarters Fort Laramie November 29, 1854 W. HOFFMAN Major and Brevet Lieut. Colonel 6th Infantry (…The Oyer–lal-la…country of the head waters of the Powder river south, to the south fork of the Platte… have 230 lodges and, counting 3 warriors to a lodge, and twelve persons, they number about 700 warriors and of all ages and sexes, 2700…)
  • Fort Pierce November 21, 1854 ALFRED J. VAUGHN Indian Agent Col ALFRED CUMMINS Sup. Ind. Affairs St. Louis Missouri (…Since that time the whole of the Brulies, as well as most of the other bands of Sioux Indians who were present at this affair, have arrived in the vicinity of this place, and their conduct and talk has produced the greatest excitement among the other bands of Sioux tribes…”)
  • Letter from ‘John Dougherty’ (“…A prompt and decisive blow on the Sioux in effect would be worth to us, for years to come, millions of dollars and many strong armies.”)

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