1855 UK London letter inquiry soldier serving with East-India Company

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Mary Shiels is requesting information on Lawrence Shiels, a soldier in the East-India Company. Form letter that contained a Certificate to be filled in with the particulars on Lawrence and returned. Postmarked Liverpool, home town of Lawrence?

Printed form letter from Military Department East-India House sent to The SECRETARY in the Military Department East-India House LONDON.

Postmarked in green ‘LIVERPOOL AP 19 1855’ on the front, on back red ‘AP 20AP20 55’.

No. 60730    Military Department East-India House 6 March 1855
Mary Shiels is acquainted in reply to her letter instance that in order to comply with her request respecting Lawrence Shiels it is necessary that the annexed Form of description should be filled up; and as men of similar names FREQUENTLY appear in the East-India Company’s service, it is requisite that the several particulars should be very accurately stated; otherwise the information transmitted from this House may not relate to the man respecting whom the enquiry is made.
…when the description of the Solder has been inserted, and the required Certificate properly signed, this paper should be returned to the Secretary in the Military Department, East-India House, London.

Folded to form an envelope. Some toning, tear where seal broken.

31.50 x 19 cm



East India House was the London headquarters of the East India Company, from which much of British India was governed until the British government took control of the Company's possessions in India in 1858. It was located in Leadenhall Street in the City of London. The first East India House on the site was an Elizabethan mansion, previously known as Craven House, which the Company first occupied in 1648. This was completely rebuilt in 1726–29; and further remodelled and extended in 1796–1800. It was demolished in 1861. The Lloyd's building, headquarters for Lloyd's of London, was built on the site of the former East India House.