1855 Province of Canada, payment advertisements in 'Guelph Advertiser'

$50.00 CAD

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Nice pre-Confederation payment receipt from John Smith, publisher of the 'Guelph Advertiser'. to F.W. Stone, cattle breeder, for advertisements in the newspaper.

Advertiser Office, Guelph August 3 1855
F.W. Stone Est.
                              Dr. to John Smith
                      MARKET SQUARE, GUELPH
…To Advert. “To Breeders” 11 x 15  13 2 ½   …


Horizontal fold at bottom. Some light creasing, small tear upper border. Slight discoloration on fold.

17 x 21,50 cm


A fresh attempt at local journalism occurred in 1845, when John Smith established the Guelph Advertiser. The first mayor of the Town of Guelph, Smith would combine journalism with politics and a career as a real estate agent and auctioneer.

A tall, thin man, he in later years affected an Abe Lincoln image, with beard and stovepipe hat. He found the hat convenient as a file for bills, notes, advertising copy, and news tips, all of which he stuffed into the inside hatband.



Frederick W. Stone emigrated from England to Canada in 1831 and settled on a 200-acre farm on the Puslinch Plains just south of Guelph, Ontario. His farm was later expanded to 583 acres and he became one of the first Canadians to import purebred livestock from Great Britain. While he imported Shorthorn and Hereford cattle, Berkshire and Large White hogs, Southdown and Cotswold sheep, his greatest contribution to Ontario agriculture was as the first importer of Hereford cattle to Canada in 1860.

Mr. Stone’s Hereford herd expanded and became the largest in North America 20 years later. He sold and shipped stock to other Ontario farms as well as beef farms from Maine to Colorado in the United States. His Hereford cattle were consistent winners in Canadian and U.S. show rings. When the American Herd Brood was established, Mr. Stone’s herd was classified as the largest and best Hereford operation in North America.

Mr. Stone was one of the first persons named to the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame.