1840 London UK, 2 letters to clockmaker Raingo in Paris

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One letter from jeweller/clock reseller in London to Raingo In Paris with complaints about product quality. Second  letter in French from salesman representing Raingo in London.

Braithwaite & Jones were jewellers on Cockspur Street (Charing Cross).

Londres le 20 Mai 1840
Mesrs Raingo frères Paris
Je vous confirme votre lettre du 18 Avril et votre dernière du 18 mai.
Je regrette beaucoup de ne pouvoir vous donner d’autres commandes dans ce moment. J’ai vendu fort bien de pendules depuis votre départ.
Je pense ---  vous qu’il vaut guère la peine de m’envoyer deux ou trois pendules ayant encore quelque sentiment de patience j’aurai peut-être d’autres ordres.
La musique --- la Pendule porcelaine n’est pas encore commandé. Le gentilhomme m’a donné beaucoup de trouble.
Je dois le voir dans le courant de la semaine pour en finir. En tous cas ne m’expédiez pas la pendule porcelaine avant que je vous donne des renseignements --- la musique.
J’espère que vous vous portez tous bien, Ma femme vous remercie pour la petite.  Dans l’espoir que la prochaine sera plus avantageuse pour nous tous, je vous salue très cordialement
7 Wymore St


I confirm your letter of the 18th of April and you last of 18th May.
I greatly regret to not be able to give you other orders at this time. I have sold many pendulums since your departure. 
I think that---not worth the effort sending 2 or 3 pendulums having a sense of patience I will likely have other orders.
The music -- the porcelain pendulum has not yet been ordered. The gentleman is giving me much trouble, I am due to see him during this week to conclude it. In any case do not send me the porcelain pendulum before I give you more information --- the music
I hope you are doing well,. My wife thanks you for the little one,...
7 Wymore St

Mr Raingo Paris                 Cockspur St. London 18 july 40
We have received base of clocks. We are much surprised that you should have sent the one at 10G.
Which we never ordered or though of doing so having two exactly the same which we bought at the Custom House and we merely asked you to tell us your price that we might know what was a fair price to sell them at. Therefore that one we shall not keep. There Is also a blemish on the one with the Greyhound which we suppose has been occasioned by want of care in --- in the gilt rim that surround the dial by which these marks are made that we fear cannot be remedied very easily. If you will hold yourselves responsible to make good the defect if objected to by a customer we will keep it; but it is decidedly objectionable and we wonder that you should have allowed it to be sent to us.
We mentioned to you the price that the 3 Clocks should be charged viz £45—which you may draw for at such date as is considered ready money but you must send as your guarantee to make good the defects we have mentioned in the Greyhound Clock
We are – your – servt
Braithwaite & Jones


Both dressed to “Mesrs Raingo 11 Rue de Saintonge Paris

Folded to form an envelope.


Raingo Freres was a Parisian clockmaking firm of the 19th century, founded by Z. Raingo who worked in Ghent & Paris. The firm made many types of clocks from Astronomical clocks and orrerys  to conventional domestic clocks such as mantel, wall and carriage clocks. Z Raingo is believed to have fled from France in his early years for political reasons. He worked in Gand in Belgium for some time and has a fine orrery clock attributed to him as being made in the Gand in 1810.

During the period of 1820-30 he is known to have produced a series of about a dozen similar astronomical clocks. Many of these clocks can be found in large collections today. The firm of Raingo Freres was trading in the Rue Vielle di Temple in Paris in 1829, and continued until after 1900. The firm is also known to have traded at Rue de Saintonge between 1840-50. Raingo Freres exhibited at the International Exhibition in London in 1862.