1838 New Orleans letter saddlery store to manufacturer Hartford Ct

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Interesting letter from Smith Hubbard Co., a saddle and riding store located in  New Orleans. Sent to Smith & Co, in Hartford Connecticut a saddlery manufacturer and wholesaler. Contains long list of products.

New Orleans Dec 3rd 1838,
Messrs Smith & Co.
We now send you our monthly a/c which should have been sent on the 1st. Notice the Chain names, Phil Walter Name Straps….Leather bound 3/4 cloths & the 3/4 triming on edge. You had better educate to give a Leopard Spot ½ cloth for our 5&5½ Mens & our Velvet sides. Let this be a rule with you – send us no more square Folio Trunks but send Brass Nail & Hard Leather. After you catch up with the Small Stuff we think with your present force on Saddles you can supply us well…we would keep Ben on No. 3 Columbian & when Ross has made his Tub Sides we would put him on them for a while & then on to No. 4 Mens Plain. We would keep Fulton on No. 5 Columbian Saddles & Butchers Saddles & Boys Spanish & if he can not get the No. 5 Columbian along fast enough Mr. ---- can help him when he gets his fine sides done....


On one page, name of sender 'Smith Hubbard Co.'

Postmarked ‘NEW ORLEANS ---' in red, Addressed 'Express Mail    Messrs Smith & Co., Hartford Connecticut'

Fours pages, folded to form and envelope.

Some tears on folds, missing bit pf paper where wax seal was.