1831 USA bill of lading medicine on schooner Boston to Troy NY.

$105.00 CAD

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Nice illustrated maritime bill of lading for shipment from Boston of Dean's Pills by schooner to a druggist in Troy New York.

SHIPPED…by Maynard Moyes on board the Schooner Spye(?) whereof Francis Wells is master now laying in the Port of Boston and bound for Albany & Troy
J.L. Thompson Druggist Troy NY One bundle merchandise
…to be delivered in the like --- and condition at the Port of Troy the danger of seas excepted unto Mr. John L. Thompson or to his – he paying freight for the said Bundle 50 cents
Dated in Boston the 25th day of May 1831
F, Wells
A. Stevens Mate
Mr. John L. Thompson
Bot of Maynard Moyes   Boston May 25, 1831
1 Gro. Deans Pills $40.00


Two illustration: three-masted ship "Sold by goodrich 76 state street "and eagle over shield.


9 ½" z 7 ¾"


The John L. Thompson Sons and Co. Wholesale Druggists are located in Troy, NY. In 1797, Dr. Samuel Gale, Jr. established an apothecary in connection with his medical office. This was the beginning of Thompson Sons. By 1799, Dr. Gale’s business was well established and already assuming the aspects of a wholesale drug store. In 1805, Dr. Gale formed a partnership with his brother William. In 1806, Dr. Gale became Postmaster of Troy. In 1810, Dr. Gale married Miss Betsy Thompson. In 1818, her brother, John L. Thompson, at age 19 became an apprentice in the shop. In 1820, the original shop was torn down, as it had become far to small for the growing business. A new building was built at 161 River Street. In 1821, Gale and Thompson formed a partnership called Gale & Thompson. Seven years later, Dr. Gale retired, and sold his interest to Thompson. The name was changed to J.L. Thompson. The business continued growing so much that another new building was required just north of the River Street address.