1826 London UK Richard Prosser Archdeacon Durham, Lord Crewe Charity

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Letter from Richard Prosser Archdeacon of Durham regarding appointment of W. N. Darnell, Rector of Stanhope and Prebend of Durham Cathedral, as a Trustee of Lord Crewe’s Charity.

Addressed to “William Dixon Esq.  Tavistock Hotel Covent Garden” (London)

I shall be at home 22 Bruton Street Berkley Square at any time before 11 o’clock a.m. then I shall be ready to execute the deed of appointment of Mr. Darnell as Trustee of Lord Crewe’s Charities.
Lord Barrington lives at Cavendish Square, at the house of the late of Bishop of Gorham and Mr. Durell is now at Mongenck(?) where he usually resides, as his living.
22 Bruton St. May 10th 1826          I am sir your humble Servant  R. Prosser 

On back, circular red London postmark. Manuscript '2' and red postmark on front,

Paper with 3 gilded edges.

Folded to form envelope. Some staining on back folds.

7 x 11,50 cm

 Richard Prosser

Richard Prosser DD (1748–1839) was Archdeacon of Durham from 1808 until his death.

Lord Crewe's Charity was established under the terms of the will of Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham, to distribute the income from his estates in the North East of England for the benefit of necessitous clergy in the ancient Diocese of Durham.

Crewe's ecclesiastical career accelerated after he caught the attention of Charles II, becoming Clerk of the Closet. He became Rector of Lincoln College Oxford in 1668. He had a close relationship with the king's brother, the Duke of York, later James II, and officiated at his marriage while Bishop of Oxford. Through James' influence  he was elected Bishop of Durham in 1674. After James was overthrown in the Glorious Revolution of 1688, Crewe retreated to Durham until his death in 1721.