1825 New Orleans, to Boston merchant Silsby about ship to France

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Letter dated 4th June 1825 from New Orleans to Boston regarding shipment of cotton on the Talisman to Le Havre France. Ship owned by Enoch Silsby Boston merchant, under command of Captain Woods.

Enoch Silsby Esq. Boston New Orleans June 4th 1825
Our last respects were per – in date of the 17th – and advised that we were loading the Talisman for Le Havre. We have now the pleasure to inform you that she is loaded & ready for sea. We enclose freight list of her cargo which amounts with primage to $3753.67 besides passage money  ---- for specie.
We also wait upon you with bill of – of this vessel approved by Capt Wood which is to your debit in the amount of $2013.84. We have also annexed statement of your acct. --- to this date balanced by our//
draft on you to our order for $728.02 – which we credit you for at --- $715.28 and that we recommend to your protection. We have allowed you interest on your funds in our hands – contra have charged a commission on the disbursement. This Capt. Wood did not think altogether due, but where money is taken from us at different times in small forms --- so many entries & otherwise involves a responsibility that we find it necessary to maintain rigidly our role to exact the customary charge.
Large cotton ---- were made here on receipt of an – from Charleston with spool dates to the --- April a great --- in store & thought to be //
For  English --- freights --- every day --- are willing to take tobacco to N. York at 5 dollars. Tobacco --- a very short – not exceed 16.00 --- last year which makes a difference in ---our cotton export will be about --- Bales. Freight -----
Nothing can be done with your Mill stones. Capt. Wood – have both tried to get a --- without – M. – has not collected any thing yet.//
for those sold.  We shall however keep this matter in view & try them at auction. We hear nothing of the ---.
Wm Mott


4 pages, folded to form an envelope.

Small tears on some folds.

3 ⅜" x 6" (folded)


Mystic Seaport Museum - Enoch Silsby Collection, Dates:1788-1841

Enoch Silsby (1778-1841) was a merchant ship owner and agent from Boston and Bradford Massachusetts. During the period covered by this collection, Silsby managed several large vessels and was involved primarily in the transatlantic trade from Boston and New York.



  1. TALISMAN, brig, of Boston, Mass. Built at Medford, Mass., 1822. 24 0 70/95 tons; 91 ft. 10 in. x 24 ft. 4 in. x 20 ft. 2 in. Two decks, two masts, square stern, figurehead. Previously enrolled. No. 255, Oct. 31, 1822, at Boston and Charlestown, Mass.

Registered (temporary), No. 79, Dec. 17, 1822, Owner: Enoch Silsby, Boston, Mass. Master: Daniel T, Lathrop, Cohasset, Mass.

Ship Registers and Enrollments of New Orleans, Louisiana: 1821-1830 by Survey of Federal Archives (U.S.).