1821 letter Lord Whitworth to Paris tailor, suit for Coronation

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Letter written in French on the 27th of May 1821 by Lord Whitworth to a noted tailor in Paris, inquiring about shipment of his tailor-made suit to his London address. Based on the date, I assume it could be for his participation at the Coronation of King George IV two months later.

Lord Whitworth was a noted British diplomat.


Address on envelope:

A Monsieur Fazy, Au Grand Turc No. 248 rue St. Honoré Paris
Inside is letter:
No. 19 Grosvenor Square ce 27 mai 1821
Je vous ai addresser une lettre il y a quelques semaines pour vous prière de vous occuper d’un habit d’uniforme que je fais broder à Paris. Je vous adresse celle ci pour vous prier, lorsque l’habit sera --- de me le faire parvenir à Londres, par la voie la plus sure, comme vous faite a l’égard des objets que vous avez occasion d’arranger, et qui sont prohibés. M. le Chev. de Gale vous le remettra pour ce effet. Je compte sur votre complaisance et sur vos soins. Et je suis Monsieur
Votre très humble &&
Lord Whitworth  


I sent you a letter a few week ago asking you to attend to a a suit I am having embroidered in Paris. I am writing to you to ask that once the suit is ready to please have it sent to me in London by the safest means, as you have arranged for in the past for other prohibited items. M. Knight (Prince?) of Wales will give it to you to do this. I count on your help and care. 


Multiple postal cancellations and hand-written postal rates. 

Vertical and horizontal folds to create envelope. Toning. Tear were letter opened where sealed.

23.50 x 18.50 cm


Charles Whitworth, 1st Earl Whitworth, GCB, PC (29 May 1752 – 13 May 1825), known as The Lord Whitworth between 1800 and 1813 and as The Viscount Whitworth between 1813 and 1815, was a British diplomat and politician.

Diplomatic posts

British Envoy to Poland 1785–1787

British Ambassador to Russia 1788–1800   Unknown

British Ambassador to France 1802–1803  

Government offices

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1813–1817

Peerage of the United Kingdom

Earl Whitworth 1815–1825   

Viscount Whitworth 1813–1825

Peerage of Ireland

Baron Whitworth 1800–1825

He returned to England and settled at Knole Park in 1820, his last public appearance being as assistant lord sewer at the coronation of George IV on 19 July 1821.



Fazy, to his Majesty and the Royal Family; court and ball dresses; at the Grand Turc, 248, St. Honore