@1819 French Prêtre fish print with 3  species (Coryphaenoides..)

     Tome 3       14         Page 308
   Prêtre pinx        Al Massard Sc
  1. L’Emiptèronote cinq taches…Page 307
  2. Le Coryphènoïde hottuynien …309
  3. L’Aspidophore armé…311

(Volume III, Print #14 Page 308)

(Drawn by Prêtre, engraved by Al Massard)

Taken from 'Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, par M. le Comte de Lacepède Tome Troisième Paris 1819'

Handcoloured print.

Lovely colours.

Browning top and right edge, light rust spot tail of middle fish.

12.5 X 21.25 cm  4-7/8” X 8-3/8“


Jean-Gabriel Prêtre (20 December 1768 – 29 April 1849) was a Swiss-French natural history painter who illustrated birds, mammals and reptiles in a large number of books. Several species of animal were named after him.