1813 $1.50 currency Vermont Glass Factory, Farmer’s Bank Troy N.Y.

$60.00 CAD

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Issued in first few months of operation of the Vermont Glass Factory, the first glass manufacturer in the state, employing 40 people. Located in Salisbury on shores of Lake Dunmore.

Issued during War of 1812.


           Cashier of the FARMER’S BANK Troy N. York
For value received pay J. Davey or bearer ONE dollar 50 Cts
  On demand for acct. of the President & Directors of the
                   VERMONT GLASS FACTORY
No. 1112 Salisbury Sept 28 1813  Ep Jones CLERK  Samuel Swift PRES.

(Ep Jones = Epaphras Jones)

Nice image at top of glass factory buildings with smoke coming out of chimneys. Floral motif around currency

Printed on thin paper.

Fair-Good condition. Missing bits UL LR corners, some holes (one affecting part of Clerk name), upper edge bit ragged. Paper toned/foxed

2 ⅝” x 6 ¼”


The first glass manufactory in Vermont was built on the shores of Lake Dunmore. The factory was conceived in 1812 and built during the summer of 1813. The glass works were located near what is present day Sunset Lodge, 99 percent of the output of these works was window glass. However as is usually the case end of day whimsies were a somewhat common item at a lot of our early glass works and they were made at window glass factories also.

Henry R. Schoolcraft was born in Albany county, N. Y., in 1793. He settled into Salisbury in 1812 and assisted in the building and managing of the glass-works of the Vermont Company both in Salisbury and in Middlebury. While living at Lake Dunmore he erected a chemical furnace and experimental laboratory...Foreign competition, the over-expansion with a plant in East Middlebury, and a bad fire at the Lake Dunmore facility caused glass production to come to a halt in 1817.