1766 Brion map of New Mexico, Louisiana, Canada and New England

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Copper engraved French map of North America, first edition of 1766.
Nouveau Mexique, Louisiane, Canada, et Nlle Angleterre
                                Par M. Brion
A Paris chez Desnos Rue St .Jacques au Globe. 1766.


Nice hand-coloured. Border has calligraphy, cartouche finely designed.

Greenland shown connected to Northern Canada. New Mexico covers California northwards (undefined border). Alaska and B.C. ‘Discoveries of the Russians”. West Coast north of New Mexico labelled New Albion following Drake.

Nova Scotia called ‘Acadia or New Scotland’. Northern part of Canada labelled ‘New Wales’.

Area outside 13 colonies labeled Louisiana and is divided into two regions, Florida, which contains all of the territory between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi, and Louisiana proper extending westward to the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo).

Mysterious 'West River' that runs from Lake Winnipeg to the Pacific.

Indian tribes listed on map, forts (e.g. Fort Detroit).

Condition VG+: folded vertically, image bit worn along fold. Fairly large rust spot NW part of USA, most visible from back. Small tear along fold at bottom, smaller one at top. Paper yellowed along edges.

11.25” x 15"


New Albion, also known as Nova Albion, was the name of all North America north of Mexico, from "sea to sea," claimed by Sir Francis Drake for England in 1579. The extent of New Albion and the location of Drake's port have long been debated by historians, with most believing that he came ashore in the Bay Area on the coast of northern California.

Louis Brion de la Tour (1756-1823) was the Cartographer Royal to the King of France.

There is little information about his life. His official title was "King's Engineer Geographer." Although he is a prolific geographer, very little is currently known of his life or his career. His life was spent in scientific work. However what is known is an important part of his work was done in collaboration with Louis Charles Desnos (1750-1790 to) a bookseller and geographical engineer for the globes and spheres of His Danish Majesty.