1911 photo postcard of Lehigh Valley RR train disaster, near Rochester NY

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Labeled “LV23J Lehigh Valley Disaster near Rochester Aug. 25 1911 A Newman Photo Copyright 1911

Photo of multiple railway passenger cards that have come off tracks and fallen into Canandaigua Outlet below the bridge. Men gathered around surveying damage.

In this disaster, 29 people were killed and 62 injured when a Lehigh Valley Railroad train derailed about 20 miles east of Rochester. According to investigators at the time, it was a defective rail on a 400 foot bridge in Manchester, NY that shattered into seventeen pieces and sent at least 3 of the cars into Canandaigua Outlet. Newspaper reports described the scene as a “twisted and splintered mass of wreckage.”

Unused. Photo slightly overexposed.

(Red text is an electronic watermark that is not physically part of the photo for sale)



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