Set of 2 T.P.A. cigar box labels @1910

$20.00 CAD

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Cigars produced by D.S. Erb of Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

Inner box label:

T.P.A Spanish Hand Made
Registered by D.S. Erb & Co.’ of Boyertown PA.
Embossed chromolithograph
6 ¼” X 9 ¾”

Outer box label:

Embossed chromolithograph
4 ½” x 4 ½”


D.S. Erb Co., Pennsylvania: In 1864, the Keystone Cigar Company was established by David S. Erb. In 1882 the owner of the Erb cigar factory built a three-story building for his business on the corner of Boyertown, Pennsylvania and Reading Avenues. To this day, it is still known as the Erb building. Erb's company was the manufacturer of the famous Castle Hall Cigars. It was in business until the 1930's. This scarce, gold embossed chromolithograph wonderfully depicts an English bulldog on duty. El Gaurdo is also a picture within a picture, as one can see by the inner lid of the cigar box. El Gaurdo is a striking example of early 20th century American lithographic art produced for the D. S. Erb Cigar Company.

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