Engraving of logo - Manuel Marinas cigar manufacturer - Havana Cuba (late 1800s)

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This is a pre-print of an old Cuban cigar label. The final (in colour) would end up in the inner side of the box lid.  Dates most likely from second quarter of 19th century or latest early 20th century.
                              'La Montanessa'
                               Manuel Marinas
                   Calle de St. Rafael No. 70 Habana
"Fabrica de Tabacos de Las Mejores Vegas de Vuelta Abajo"


Print by C. Bruck (LL corner). Print is mounted/glued on the matte.

Superb image of farm lady carrying straw and water jug, beside goat.

Fair-Good condition, with smudges and rust spots. Top border has large band of age/sun damage (not affecting image). Three corners have creases.

33 X 25.5 cm

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